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Personal Land Rovers

Vehicle Description Homepage Date
Roberto Hirth's Series 1 Land Rovers (Brazil)
Apr 2003
Roberto Hirth's Series I Land Rover Projects - Rio de Janeiro
May 2003
Gromit: a SIIa SWB in New Mexico. Steve Northup
Jan 2002
Jim Stewart's "Beula" 1965 SII SWB; a Land Rover with a soul.
Mar 2002
'Aardvark' Art Bitterman's 1960 SII 86", Complete restoration
Apr 2002
Nate's 1967 SIIA SWB restoration
May 2002
Elephant Chaser: Jim Hall's Series 2A 88"
Nov 2002
Indy: Roger Sinasohn's 1959 Land Rover Series II 109"
Dec 2002
Jeff Berg's 1967 Series IIa 88" Land Rover
Mar 2003
Michael Williams' 1971 Series IIA Land Rover Station Wagon
Sept 2007
Series IIA Land Rover in Project Mode
June 2010
Ernie Young's modifed Series 3 "Offender"
June 2002
Sam & Katie Kinch's Series 3 SWB 2.5 diesel.
July 2002
Jim Young's 2.4 Mercedes diesel Series 3
Oct 2002
Scott Wickham's Range Rover/Series Land Rover Hybrid
Aug 2004
Mick Forster's Series IIA 88in Land Rover
Oct 2009
James Ferguson's Series III Land Rover (Lucy-Jo)
Nov 2009
Bob Rickard's Gromit: A World Land Rover Project
Aug 2002

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Misc Land Rovers

Vehicle Description Homepage Date
Series Land Rovers and the military - a few examples
Dec 2003
Restoration of a Series IIA Land Rover Carawagon
Sept 2010
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Feb 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Mar 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Apr 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
May 2018

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General interest

Topic Description Homepage Date
Cleanup by Vegas Valley Fourwheelers. Paul Scrambler
Feb 2002
Todd and Alec Schlemmer across the Olympic Peninsula in their Series 2A
Jan 2003
Peter Monk's Observations on Series Land Rovers in the Falklands Islands
June 2003
Sources of restoration accessories and tools
July 2003
Classic Land Rover Drivers' Club Brazil
Aug 2003
Buying a Series Land Rover
Mar 2004
John Wright and Series Land Rovers
May 2004
Series I Land Rovers in the USA - a Brief History
May 2007
Series II Land Rovers in the USA - a Brief History
June 2007
The Series 3 Land Rover in the USA - a Brief History
July 2007
Celebrating Sixty Years of the Series Land Rover
Feb 2008
Build a Ride-on Model Series Land Rover
Mar 2009
Series Land Rover Door Seals
Apr 2009
The 'One Ton' Series Land Rover
June 2009
Series Land Rover Fuel Pipes
Sept 2009
Door Hinges On a Series Land Rover
May 2010
Safe Working on Your Series Land Rover
Aug 2010
Series Land Rover: Engine Cranking Problem
Oct 2010
Series IIA Land Rover's 50th Birthday
May 2011
The Series III Land Rover's 40th Birthday
June 2011
Series Land Rover Winter Preparation Part II
Nov 2011
Series Land Rover Fault Diagnosis Book
Land Rover Series 1 Basic Specifications
Feb 2012
Land Rover Series 2/2A Basic Specifications
Mar 2012
Land Rover Series III Buyer's Guide
June 2012
Series Land Rover - Problematic Noises (Part 1)
Dec 2012
Winter Storage Dec2013/Jan2014
The Case for  Hoarding Parts
Mar 2014

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Tech Topics

Topic Description
Homepage Date
Diesel Fuel System - Fault Diagnosis
Nov 2006
Ignition System - Fault Diagnosis
Dec 2006
Axles - Fault Diagnosis
Feb 2007
Steering - Fault Diagnosis
Mar 2007
2 Litre Diesel Engine
Aug 2007
2.6 litre Petrol Engine
Oct 2007
Dec 2007/Jan 2008
Transmission Controls
Mar 2008
Apr 2008
Torque of the Series Land Rover
May 2008
Bleeding the Brakes
June 2008
Removing the Gearbox
July 2008
Removing the Engine
Aug 2008
Cylinder Head Removal
Sept 2008
Cylinder Head Dismantling
Oct/Nov 2008
Cylinder Head Servicing
Dec 2008
Water Pump - Repair & Replacement
Jan 2009
The Series II and III Land Rover Fuel Pump
Feb 2009
Floor Repair
May 2009
Propshaft Maintenance
July 2009
Cooling Fans
Aug 2009
Fluid Capacities
Dec 2009/Jan 2010
Re-lining the Brake Shoes
Feb 2010
Basic Maintenance Hints
Mar 2010
Steering Maintenance
Apr 2010
Distributor Cap & Rotor Arm
July 2010
Transmission Brake Problems
Nov 2010
Ignition System
Dec 2010/Jan 2011
Petrol or Diesel Engine 'Runs On'
Feb 2011
Diesel Engine Lacks Power
Mar 2011
Brake Linings
Apr 2011
Cooling System Checks - Part 2
July 2011
Ignition Breakdowns
Aug 2011
Spark Plug Problems
Sept 2011
Accelerator Linkage
Oct 2011
Series 3 Basic Specifications
Apr 2012
Steering System Checks
May 2012
Fan Belt Issues
July 2012
Windscreen Wiper Servicing
Aug 2012
Renewing the Exhaust System on a Series Land Rover
Sept 2012
Problem Starting a Cold Engine on a Series Land Rover - Part 3
Oct 2012
Engine stops and will not re-start
Nov 2012
Problematic Noises (Part 2)
Jan 2013
Electric Fuel Pump Problems
Feb 2013
Diesel Engine Starting Problems
Mar 2013
Diesel Engine Lacks Power
Apr 2013
Adding the Wrong Fuel
May 2013
Sparkplug Problems
July 2013
Overheating Problems - Part 2
Aug 2013
Steering Too Heavy
Sept 2013
Steering Too Loose
Oct 2013
Steering Vibration Nov 2013
Winter Storage Dec2013/Jan2014
Spark plugs Feb 2014
Zenith 36IV Carburettor Problems - Part II Apr 2014
Starter Motor Problems - Maintenance & Repair May 2014
Turning Circle Problems June 2014
Propshafts Explained July 2014
Brake Problems - Part 1 Aug 2014
Brake Problems - Part 2 Sept 2014
Brake Problems - Part 3 Oct 2014
Brake Problems - Part 4 Nov 2014
Brake Problems - Part 5 Dec/Jan 2014/15
Wheels Feb 2015
Wheel-Related Problems Mar 2015
Gearbox Overhaul Apr 2015
Fault diagnosis May 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Wheels) June 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Cooling System) July 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Idling Problem) Aug 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Start Problem) Sept 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Vacuum Problem) Oct 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Vacuum Problem - Part 2) Nov 2015
Tire Problem Diagnosis (Part 1) Dec/Jan 2015/16
Tire Problem Diagnosis (Part 2) Feb 2016
Jumping Out of Low or High Transfer Mar 2016
Adding a Diagnostic Manual Starter Switch April 2016
Re-visiting an Axle Problem (June 2015) May 2015
Fitting Additional Bonnet Prop June 2016
Common Rich Gasoline/Air Mixture Problem - Part I July 2016
Common Rich Petrol/Air Mixture Problem - Part II Aug 2016
Summary of Brake System Articles on Sept 2016
Summary of Gearbox Articles on Oct 2016
Summary of Clutch Articles on Nov 2016
Summary of Ignition System Articles on Dec/Jan 2016/17
Fault Diagnosis eBook - download details Feb 2017
Summary of Steering Articles on Mar 2017
Fitting an Engine Pre-heater April 2017
Summary of Wheels Articles on May 2017
Summary of Diesel Engine Articles on June 2017
Summary of Cooling System Articles on July 2017
Summary of Cylinder Head Articles on Aug 2017
Summary of Engine Articles on Sept2017
Summary of Fuel System Articles on Oct 2017
Summary of Bodywork and Suspension articles on Nov/Dec 2017
Summary of Fault Diagnosis Exercises on Jan 2018
Diagnosis Exercise: Series Land Rover Lacking Power June 2018

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