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Series Land Rovers Across the Olympic Peninsula

Father and son team, Todd and Alec Schlemmer, joined other members of the Pacific Coast Rovers Club to make a crossing of the Olympic National Forest in their Land Rover Series 2A. They started from highway 101 and cut across west to highway 101 again, where it loops around the Olympic National Park. Hence their description of the route as 101 2 101.

team Schlemmer
GPS's were a feature of the navigation and Todd discovered the advantages of using the correct format!

Some of the other Series Land Rovers taking part.

Team Schlemmer (comprising the Schlemmers, Mike Little and Cynthia Peterson) won the coveted shovel award for collecting the greatest volume of trash enroute. Good one guys.

Alec stands testimony to the true comfort of a Series Land Rover as he apparently managed to fall asleep at one point.

The Series 2A returned a steady 16mpg regardless of terrain but now an overdrive has been installed - comparison figures not yet computed.

Where to next guys?