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Indy: Roger Sinasohn's 1959 Land Rover Series II 109"

Series 2
"Does Roger know how to make an entrance, or what?

When Roger first met Indy, his 1959 Series II 109" 2 door, he was a pick-up, with a soft top over the rear bed.
On Roger's website he tells how in 1995, he and Rachel and a bunch of Land Rovers got together in the Mendocino National Forest. This NotaRallye was made possible through the use of a mailing list on the internet, set up specifically to not-coordinate this get together. Since then, the Mendo_Recce list has grown into the main source of Land Rover discussion and information on the left coast of the US.

WD40 did the trick.
Roger upto his knees
He has plans to fit a snorkel!

You also need to visit Roger's website to see why Indy was featured in the summer '96 clothing catalog from Willis & Geiger!

But in addition to that there are loads of photos of trips Roger and Rachel have made in Indy, such as:

  • leaving San Francisco to travel down to Tijuana, then across to Utah and Colorado for a Land Rover Rallye.

  • travelling with a bunch of other Land Rover Owners to the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada.

  • an epic journey through western Canada.

Thanks Roger.