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Land Rover Series 1
S1 and v8
marshall gearbox
radiator exchange
1956 soft top hooks

Land Rover Series 2
Error now fixed
capstan winch mounting
starting warm engine

Land Rover Series 3
Losing power 2wd high
1980 model
NEW windscreen frame
88" right side hangs
clutch problem
no 2nd gear
intermittent power loss

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Restoration of Series Land Rovers

Restoration of a Series I,II or III Land Rover ranges in scope from a frame-up rebuild to a quality upgrade of some aspect of the vehicles interior. Some Land Rover restorations will require spare parts, but whether Land Rover parts are needed or not, there will certainly be a need for appropriate tools and materials to do the job. It's this latter aspect of Land Rover restoration that we are focussing on this month.

We list below some subject categories that will take you directly to what you need. Courtesy of:


Abrasive Blasting

Body & Fender Tools & Supplies

Auto Brakes and Suspension

Buffing and Metal Finishing

Auto Electrical & Diagnostic

Engine & Drivetrain Tools & Supplies

HotCoat Powder Coating

Auto Interior & Exterior Tools & Supplies

Metal Shop

Automotive Painting

Pinstriping & Custom Art

Auto Plastic and Glass Repair

Rust Prevention

Shop Tools

Welding Tools & Supplies

If you are looking for something not fitting the above categories (or non Land Rover related) then try the Eastwood searchbox at the bottom of this page.

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Add the front half of a Land Rover to the bottom half of a Scorpion tank and you get...............
a Centaur

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