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Fascinating facts

There are no official acceleration times for Series Land Rovers from 50-70mph!


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Buying a Series Land Rover
Running and maintaining a Series Land Rover is comparable to that of many other imported vehicles. There are stockists of spares available and, if time permits, cheaper spares can often be imported or sourced on the internet. But do not buy into a restoration project unless you are prepared for a significant financial committment. While your time may be free, and the vehicles are legendary in their ease of owner servicablity, cheap parts can be troublesome to find.

The check list below is not exhaustive. Just the major points to look out for when buying a Series Land Rover.

1. Check ownership
  Obvious but you need to do it if not purchasing through a dealer.

2. Service history
  Who serviced and repaired it and what was done recently? Receipts?

3. Chassis
  Check it carefully for rust at all support points e.g. springs and outriggers. Check for underseal covering over weak spots. A little welding OK but a new chassis is a major undertaking. Vehicle should not lean to one side on level ground - weak springs

4. Transmission
  Get under the vehicle and check amount of turn in the prop shafts. If more than a quarter turn then worn differential. Clonks and vibration when driving indicates worn prop shaft joints.

5. Electrics
  Check all electrical items work - lights,horn wipers,heater

6. Bodywork
  Corrosion usual where aluminium meets steel e.g. body mountings to chassis. Check it's not serious

7. Tyres
  Should be road legal. Check tyre walls for bulges and cuts if vehicle has been used offroad much

8. Road Test
  Release clutch slowly with handbrake full on. Engine should try to stall. If not, clutch is worn. If vehicle moves, handbrake faulty.
  Check 4wd works correctly.
  Check colour of exhaust - blue is worn engine, black worn or badly tuned carbuettor/injectors.
  Listen carefully for unusual noises from transmission, engine and gearbox.

9. Oil leaks
  All Series Land Rovers drip engine oil on standing. LIVE WITH IT and invest in an oil mat.

Regard the above points as focusses for price negotiation.

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