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Jim Young's 2.4 Mercedes Diesel Powered Series III Land Rover

"It all started in the spring of '99". Jim knew that a Land Rover was "inherently simple to work on" and that with little more than some common mechanical know-how he could transform an old Land Rover into "an expedition ready, completely reliable vehicle."

He acquired a badly beaten, rusted and abused Series 3 and set about a new frame restoration. He also searched for and found a donor car with not too-many miles that could offer its heart to his poor ailing Land Rover. The "heart" took the form of a 1981 Mercedes 2.4L diesel with 109K miles and cost him $900.

Jim built an adaptor plate to mate the Mercedes engine to the Land Rover transmission from a single piece of 6061 aluminium plate....took a whole day!

Jim's website tells the story of other modifications he found necessary.

What goes UP (13,000ft).
Must come DOWN

And so it did! Jim's website shows other photos taken on the 2000 bordertoborder expedition in which he took part.

Jim was on the 2002bordertoborder Land Rover expedition.

We hope it went well.