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Series Land Rover Windscreen Wiper Servicing

Driving a Series Land Rover can be demanding at the best of times so we don't need the hassle of reduced visbility added into the pot.
Problem: Wiper blades move too slowly.
Check the pressure of the blade on the windscreen is not too much for the motor to cope with. The wiper arm can be carefully bent to reduce the pressure.
2. Check the voltage at the motor input terminal is 12volts when the engine is running and if less then check for a frayed earth wire or dirty earth terminal connections.
3. For Series I, II and early IIA with the twin wiper motors, the problem may be due to hardened grease inside the motor drive gear.Remove the wiper arm and unscrew the two nuts holding the motor to the winscreen. These bolts may have to be cut off due to corrosion but may be replaced with a cut down bolt or threaded bar (at least cm long). With the motor rmoved, detach the rear cover and remove the metal block from the front of the motor. Remove any clip which holds the shaft in place and then pull it out backwards through the motor. Now remove the front cover. You now need to remove any hardened grease you see. This is helped by removing the gears. Clean with a small brush using WD-40. One gear is plastic and this should not be subject to WD-40 as the plastic can become brittle and crack under stress.
Whilst the cover is off the motor brushes can be inspected and also the wiring for any fraying
For later Series IIA and Series III Land Rovers, the problem is more likely to be a motor or brushes problem. The grease in these wiper units is shaded from the sun and so the same problem with concealed grease usually does not arise. Adding a little oil to the spindle of the wiper motor may help.

Problem: Wiper blades do not clear screen effectively.
Not only should the rubber on the blades be undamaged but it should also be soft and flexible. Renewing the blades perodically is required more frequently when they are exposed to strong sunlight frequently. Carefully bending the arm of the wiper can increase blade pressure on the screen, as can renewing the spring in the wiper arm with one of appropriate length and strength. The blades should trail across the screen, not lead.
In an emergency, the age old trick of rubbing the freshly cut surface of a potato across the screen will repel water droplets.

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