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Peter Monk's Observations on Series Land Rovers in the Falklands Islands

"Imagine a place where Land Rovers outnumber permanent inhabitatants. Impossible? Not in the Falkland Islands ....". So begins Peter's recollections of his visit there with his family in the winter of 2000. He recalls, for example, that on Pebble Island there are only five permanent adult inhabitants and two children, yet he counted at least six functioning Rovers.

On another island there were only two permanent inhabitants yet there were 5 working Land Rovers, including a Series 1.

"LULU"- very much still a working vehicle.

Having spent part of his childhood in the Falklands, Peter was keen to revisit the islands. And, being a Land Rover enthusiast he had a particular interest in the Land Rover population. He came away with the impression that probably the 110 was the most common Land Rover, with few Series vehicles on the road.

Offroading in The Falklands is done with care and with consideration for the vehicle as a major concern. Not surprising due to the vehicles being used for everyday offroad transport. Visitors are unlikley to get the opportuntiy to drive local Land Rovers and if one is hired then ON roading is enforced.

Peter visits his favourite childhood playground - the rubbish dump, and finds the remains of a Series 3.

Peter is the owner of a newly acquired Land Rover Series IIA LWB.

Thanks Peter