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Gromit: A World Land Rover Project

Though Bob Rickard says Gromit "is neither a Series1, 2, or 3, or even a Series123!" it is loosely based on this Land Rover 101 Forward Control.

Original Gromit

With the original ambulance body discarded, Gromit is about building a World Rover: an expedition vehicle with which Bob and his wife can explore the world during their 60's and 70's; "and, who knows, maybe longer."

Project considerations are:

Self-contained and capable of extended time in the field without resupply
1000 miles between refuelings
Comfortable for two adults confined by inclement weather
Improved rough-country performance
Driveable by injured or infirm driver
Improved safety
Setup for field repair
Outside living
Split personality

Gromit in tow

A stripped Gromit being towed west to Bob's home in Arizona.

Good Luck to you Bob.