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Series Land Rover Axles - Fault Diagnosis

Outline of the front and rear axle operation.
The Series Land Rover axles consist of two halfshafts housed inside a steel casing. The front differentials are the Rover type, whereas the rear are Rover or ENV type (II & IIa) or Salisbury (III). Universal couplings at the ends of the front halfshafts turn inside oil-filled swivel pin housings. The bottom swivel pin rotates in a tapered roller bearing and the tiop one turns in a plain bush. Front and rear axles are attached to the chassis of the Series Land Rover by semi-elliptical leaf springs.

Land Rover pulls to the side or wanders
Castor or swivel pin inclinations incorrect or unequal; binding brake; tight or worn swivel pin; faulty wheel bearings; incorrect wheel alignment; loose axle 'U' bolts;

Wheel wobble
Worn or loose hub bearings; worn swivel pins and bearings; insufficiently damped swivel pins; worn universal half shaft joint; incorrect castor angle.

Excessive tire wear
Incorrect wheel alignment; incorrectly adjusted brakes; worn swivel pins (front); incorrect camber;

Land Rover Front or rear end noisy
Wear or lack of oil in differential; worn propshaft universal joint; worn swivel pins (front).

Worn halfshaft bearings; loose drive shaft bolts; prop shaft not balanced; wheels not balanced; worn swivel pins or bearings; worn universal joints on front halfshafts.

Oil leaks
If a Series Land Rover doesn't leak oil then it's not the real thing!
But if it's excessive then check for:
Loose or missing drain/filler plugs; damaged joint washers or oil seals.

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Fascinating facts
(No.57 )
Series III vehicles built in the last two years of production (1983-85) had several components in common with the newly launched 110.


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