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August 2007 Homepage

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(No.63 )
A large number of Series Land Rovers were shipped as 'Completely Knocked Down' kits (CKD) and assembled overseas.


Last Updated 12/8/07

The Series Land Rover 2 Litre Diesel Engine

In the mid 1950's, many existing Series 1 Land Rover owners were encouraging Rover to produce a diesel-engined Land Rover so that they would share a common fuel with the other farm machinery which they used.

Rover designed a completely new diesel engine for the Series 1 Land Rover with upto 50% claimed increased fuel economy over the alternative 2 litre petrol engine. It also had very similar power output but reduced torque. It became available for the Series 1 Land Rover in 1957 and continued over into the Series 2 Land Rover until 1961.

During a 1,000mile independent road test, the engine delivered an overall fuel consumption of 29.5mpg (4.5km/l). The engine oil consumption for the Land Rover during the test was quoted as 4,000mpg (1,420km/l).

The engine design was such that it would be able to form the basis for a larger bore petrol engine which would fit the existing transmission. It was a common theme of Rover to design Series Land Rover components to be as compatible as possible with existing models.

The engine has a reputation for being noisy but that is more to do with it's environment in situ, where typically flat body panels of a Series 1 Land Rover can vibrate and resonate. Tyre noise also adds to exercising the ear drums.

The engine can be fitted as a direct swop for the petrol engine in Series 1 88in and 109in Land Rovers but not for those with the 2in shorter chassis.

Engine specs:
swept engine volume: 2052cc
cylinder bore: 85.7mm
piston stroke: 88.9mm
compression ratio: 19.5:1
power: 52 bhp at 3500 rpm
torque: 87 ft lb at 2000 rpm


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