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Series Land Rover Rear Window Washer

Last month the fitting of a wiper motor to the rear window was the topic covered. Well, we also need water to wash away the dust right? So this month covers the fitting of a rear washer kit. They come in a variety of types and sizes as universal after market fitting kits. Not specifically designed for Series Land Rovers, but they can be fitted without too much trouble. Some kits have a flexible water container rather than the common rigid type of bottle shown here. Alternatively, one could be obtained from another vehicle or even a container that is suitable could be fitted with a washer pump, as these are often available individually at accessory stores (worth baring in mind if the motor fails also).

Thought needs to be given as to where the water container will be located. In this example the bottle is narrow enough to fit behind standard trim in the rear of a LWB Station Wagon (OK the trim happens to be fur lined!). Care is needed to ensure that the container is securely fixed yet easy to refill.
The washer tubing can follow the same route as the wiper motor wiring through the body and door frame - making sure full allowance is made for the door to be wide open yet not allowing the tube/wiring to become trapped when the door is closed.
The washer jets are best mounted below the window. Note that the washer bottle must not be mounted above them, otherwise gravity will use up all the water to wash your door.
Wiring from the washer motor to the switch can follow the same route as the wiper motor wiring. Whether you choose to route them mostly inside the vehicle or underneath is optional. In either case the wiring should be well sheathed and secured along its route and away from contact with moveable items.

Front windscreen washers
were not available as an optional extra before Series IIA Land Rovers and they were not generally made standard fittings on UK vehicles until 1968.





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