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Series Land Rover Rear Window Wiper

All modern 4x4's are fitted with rear wipers but Series Land Rovers never were. A rear wiper/wash system is particularly useful on a Series Land Rover due to the vertical nature of the rear vehicle design and the way it attracts dirt when the vehicle is in motion. There used to be an aftermarket rear wiper kit available for these models but it seems to be no longer in production. However, there is sufficient room to fit a standard Series I/II/IIA wiper motor to the top of the rear door frame and this article relates to the practicalities of achieving this. Rear wash systems of universal fitting are available and can be fitted below the window.

The example used is for a rear safari door but, in principal, it should be possible to re-route the wiring appropriately for a tailgate type rear door.

Series wiper motor
There is just sufficient space on the flat surface of the door frame to mount the wiper motor, but having a curtain rail mounted there already I opted for fabricating a frame cover plate from aluminium angle and re-mounting the curtain rail onto that.
The aluminium angle was cut to shape, then rivetted to the frame and three holes drilled for mounting the wiper motor.

The wiring was secured to the window frame as shown in the photo (below left) and then passed behind the door trim. Important to protect the wiring as it bridges the gap to the bodywork and allow enough for the door to open fully without stretching or damaging the wires. The motor could be earthed onto the door frame but you then rely on good conduction through the hinges.

Better to earth inside the vehicle.
The wiper can be left switched on at the motor and operated from a fused switch mounted on the dash.
The standard Series Land Rover wiper blades do not give much of a sweep of the rear window. The standard serrated wiper mounting can be removed from the wiper motor spindle and replaced with one from a variety of classic cars, along with the associated wiper blade. This gives a better sweep of the window area.





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