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June 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Bungle, Land Rover Series 3

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Born in 1984 in Solihull, Birmingham. He weighed 3374 lb's; a lovely bouncing baby. He was then sent to join the army in October 1984. The army named him 63 KC 69, Truck Utility3/4 tonne 4X4 Rover Series 3.

Jon followed 63 KC 69 through his military childhood and ultimately to release into Jon's care.

Land Rover Series 3

Jon believes that during its precarious childhood in Northern Ireland 63 KC 69 was probably fitted with vehicle protection kit and looked something like this:

Land Rover Series 3

If anybody knows anything of this vehicles childhood experiences Jon would like to hear about them.

Land Rover Series 3
These days the vehicle is more likely to be found having fun and games at an offroad event.

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