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Paul Walton's 1952 Series I 80" Land Rover; Mildred

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Paul acquired this Series 1 Land Rover in 2007. At the time he took possession of her she only had 3 days left on her MOT certificate. Following along on the MOT theme, Mildred only acquired this year's MOT certificate just a few days prior to her being required to tow a caravan to the Driffield Land Rover Show in May this year. Credit for the month long MOT preparation project goes to a friend of Paul's.

Paul's Series 1 Land Rover started out life with the army and after serving faithfully for 10 years was subsequently discharged and registered for private ownership in 1962. She was to stay with her first civilian owner, near Northallerton North Yorkshire, for 44 years; generally a rare commitment to a vehicle, though perhaps not so surprising for a Series Land Rover. Mildred's next custodian was for a much shorter duration and she was passed onto to her present owner, Paul, after only 12 months.

Mildred has acquired several unusual 'upgrades' during her life - not least of which is the dashboard, which is believed to be from an Austin 1100 and the front lights are believed to be 1950's BMC. It is Paul's intention to reverse some of the 'upgrades' and return Mildred to a more familiar format for a Land Rover.

This Series 1 Land Rover is still on active service, though no longer in a military sense. She was entered into the Beamish reliability run in June of this year - which involves driving over 100 miles across the Duram and North Yorkshire Dales. She completed the 145 mile run and also the 50 mile round trip involved to get there and back.

If you are visiting a Land Rover Show later this year then check out if the North East Rover Owners Club are represented and you might find Mildred there. Paul is club secretary and he can be contacted through the NERO club website

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