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Norwegian based 1956 Series 1, 86"Land Rover

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Ronny Jacobson's 1956 Series I came to Norway in the year she was manufactured ,and got her first Norwegian licence plates H-345 on the 14th January 1956.

Series I

The first owners were the RED-CROSS in the town of Porsgrunn .

When he and a friend initially collected the vehicle, they didn't get it home without problems. The lights gave up after a while,and it was getting dark. But a couple of metres of cable and a lot of #?&??*% later the lights were working again. When they were about one mile from his friend's house the police made their appearance. They didn't seem to agree with them on what a fantastic car this was. They took the licence plates and drove off with a grin on their faces.

Ron's plan was to fix her up and then sell her with a little profit, but he changed his mind!

The engine runs perfect,the only thing he did was to make sure it looked as good as it runs.( this picture is old.)

The interior is close to original, and Ronny is going to keep it like it is, except for a few minor changes.

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