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The Series 3 Land Rover 2.25 litre Petrol Engine (5 bearing)

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The 2.25litre petrol and diesel engines used in the Series 2 and 3 Land Rovers were re-designed in the late 70's with a 5-bearing crankshaft to facilitate smoother, quieter running and be better able to cope with possible future demands on this popular Land Rover power source.
The modified diesel engines became available first and the petrol versions a few months later. In summary, Series 3 Land Rovers from 1980 to 1985 were fitted with the 5-bearing engine.
The Land Rover company advertised this 5 bearing version for Series models as a 2.3 litre to distinguish it from it's predecessor, even though it had the same 2286cc bore as the 3-bearing version.
One significant improvement was the better designed rear oil seal - not that oil leaks have ever been an issue for any Series Land Rover!!. Others improvements were: a separate flywheel reinforcing plate; an improved timing chain tensioner (from engine 99100001A onwards); improved exhaust valves (from engine 36100266B and from engine 36401012); improved piston rings (from 36111177 and from 36405395).
A Series Land Rover with the engine block painted Terra Cotta should have this 5-bearing engine.

The '2.3litre' that was fitted from engine number 36400704 had an 'Elring' type cylinder head gasket with a non-metallic base and latex coating. The gasket can be identified by its grey colouring and composition.
For the 8:1 compression engines (engine No's beginning 36100001A and 99100001A) it is essential that correct new bolts and washers be fitted to the crankshaft bearing caps if engine overhaul is undertaken.

5-bearing Series Land Rover Engine specs:
swept engine volume: 2286cc
cylinder bore: 90.47mm
piston stroke: 88.9mm
compression ratio: 8:1
carburettor: Zenith 36IV (Series III)
power: 69bhp at 4000rpm
torque: 117ft lb at 2000rpm

Engine prefix Compression
36100001A      8:1
36400001A      7:1
99100001A      8:1
99200001A      7:1

These engines were not only fitted to Series 3 Land Rovers but also continued into the One Ten and the first Ninetys.

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