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March 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Modified! 1963 Series IIA SWB

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Chris Cowdery purchased his Series 2 Landie in 1989 for 300 quid, and it was a wreck.


Land Rover Series 2A
Chris's flip front design gives much better access to the engine area.

Performance figures: *0-60 10secs *Max speed 115mph *Fuel economy (ouch) *urban cold 12mpg *urban warm 16mpg *const 60mph 18mpg *const 90mph 14mpg.

To quote Chris: "It's fun. It really is driving on the edge. Full concentration required all the time! Cars are no fun to drive are they?"
Chris's Series Land Rover taken at Tixover Quarry near Stamford.

It seemed to hold its own very well against all the other machinery there. The only snag was too much powering through deep water caused the HT system to get wet.

Land Rover Series IIA

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