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October 2006 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Ronny Jacobsen's Land Rover, 109 inch, Station wagon, 2.25 Petrol, 1980.

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Ronny collected the vehicle on the 30th.July 2000. It was a red beast when he acquired it. Before this Ronny owned a five door Nissan Almera for two years, but soon became bored with a car that always behaves nicely, and never gives you any trouble! So he sold the Nissan and the Land Rover 109 became parked outside his house in Norway. The old girl needed some work, but he was there when needed - like when the gearbox gave up.

With safety in mind, Ronny changed the old "whiplash-seats" in the back. The front "office" was kept as it was plus or minus a few changes; new carpet being one of them. Then he mounted chequer-plates on the wing-tops, sills and rear corners and modified the front bumper and mounted extra lights. Also fitted were Defender headlight-finishers.
To upgrade the suspension, Ronny fitted parabolic springs, steering damper and LIP shock absorbers. Then he sat it all on 33x12.50x15 tyres!
It's a standing joke about road noise being the only music you can hear in a Series Land Rover: Ronny approached the problem in his own admirable style:

He bought a pair of cheap speakers, and fitted one of them between the front-seats.

Sadly, the vehicle is now sold and Ronny has a RRC 3,9 Vogue.
For more photos and details of this Land Rover and others visit Ronny's website.

Thanks Ronny

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