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Series I Land Rover 86" Models - a review of body styles

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The 80" chassis was extended to 86" in 1954. This gave an overall increase in body length of 9in and helped to quell the complaints about lack of stowage space. The 86" models were in production from 1954-6.

Land Rover advertised the 86" models as being available in green, blue, grey or beige. The upholstery matched the body colour except the grey body had blue upholstery and the beige had green.
Bodies were available as soft top, truck cab or full length hard top. They were more comfortable to drive than the shorter 80" models.
Today, most body parts are still available for these early Series I's and reproduction bulkheads and chassis are manufactured.

The 100,000th Land Rover was an 86" model and was built in August 1954 and was a left hand drive model.

The 86" model was adapted and trialled for the military as a cable laying vehicle and as a field ambulance, but was found unsatisfactory in each application.

The 86" station wagon was available with tropical roof, alpine lights, rear seats, two piece rear door, interior lining and a rear step.

Restored Series 1 Land Rover
Roberto Hirth's restored Series I

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