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Series I Land Rover 80" Models - a review of body styles

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The Series 1 started out as pre-production models having galvanised chassis with integral front bumper: few still survive. When actual production started, the basic model was an open top, doorless, pick-up (resembling the WWII jeep) with fold-down windscreen. A variety of weather-proofing was on offer for these early Land Rovers: it was mostly based on canvas. You could have just the cab enclosed or the whole body. Metal doors were available and these could be full or half height.

Even in the first year of production (1948), a seven seater station wagon body was produced for the 80" chassis. The alloy body was built on a wooden frame. There was a single piece windscreen and wind-up windows. The body style attracted purchase tax in the UK and, combined with the increased cost of the coach built body, there were few orders. Only 600+ Land Rover station wagons were manufactured and production ceased in 1950. Most of these Land Rover station wagons were exported.

Points to look out for to identify an early Series I 80" are: lack of exterior door handles, front side lights mounted on the windscreen bulkhead instead of the wing and the headlights fitted behind the wire radiator grill.

Around 1951 a metal enclosed cab and rear hardtop became available.

Minerva Land Rover models, with their distinctive body style, were produced in Belgium from 1952 and the Tempo Land Rover models were produced in Germany just before the 80" chassis was replaced with the 86"

Series I Land Rover

Roberto Hirths's restored Series I

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