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May 2005 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Gromit: Jack Grover's 1982 Land Rover Series III

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Jack chose to own a Series III because they ....."are a good combination of the not-too-uncomfortable interiors of the later Ninety/One Ten models, and the simplicity and character of the very early Series I and II Land Rovers."
Having acquired Gromit Jack set about converting him from a soft top to a hardtop and then to a station wagon.

This Series Land Rover is undergoing a long term rolling restoration, and Jack's website is where all the news and tech details of the restoration can be found. So, if you are currently or about to be, involved in restoring a Land Rover then his website is the place to visit. But that's not all you can find there. The website is a major source of information on the Series III. It also has a military section, numerous Land Rover articles, photos, diagrams and lots more original material that Jack, Ross and Eddy have put together between them. If you own a Series III then the "ThreeLandRovers" website is definitely a must see and well worth the visit for any classic Land Rover owner.

The earlier hardtop view to the rear

The much improved current station wagon view to the rear

Thanks Guys

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