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April 2005 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Roberto Hirth's 1951 Land Rover Series I

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Named "Lady One" by Roberto Hirth in Brazil because of a perceived serious old lady-like look. The Land Rover was discovered with a rare birmabright hardtop but had a General Motors engine under the bonnet.

It was Roberto's ambition to restore the Series I to as close to original specifications as possible. This was achieved in only 12 months using parts from another broken down 1951 Series I found locally.

Unrestored Land Rover

Roberto Hirth restored Land Rover

Lady One has now been awarded a black license plate by the Brazilian Federation of Classic Vehicles. Regular license plates in Brazil are gray, and a black one indicates a collector's car which is at least 95% original. Lady One is the first Land Rover in Rio to receive the black license plate, following the rules of the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens.

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