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March 2005 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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QUIZ: Land Rover Series I, II or III?

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Land Rover QuizSeries quiz
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Listed below are just a few questions.

  1. Which Land Rover model was in production from 1958-61
  2. Which Series had the 3 engine options 2286cc 4 cylinder petrol; 2286cc 4 cylinder diesel; 2625cc 6 cylinder petrol?
  3. In which year were the headlights moved to the wings?

  4. What was the last year of production for the Series I?

  5. What was the smallest engine cc used in a standard Series I?

  6. Where were the headlights located in the 80" Series I's?

  7. During which Series range were the steering arms attached to the top of the swivels instead of to the bottom?

  8. The production years 1971-85 are associated with which model of Land Rover?

  9. Which Series model was in production from 1961-72 and was produced with wheelbases of 109" and 110"?

  10. Which Series had a total production run of 3,193 on a 109" chassis: I, II, IIa, IIb or III?

Score out of 10?

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