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February 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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The John Hess definition of Dormobile

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1) Dormobiles are vehicles manufactured by the Martin Walter Company. They are not all Land Rovers or Bedfords or even all British. All they have in common is an origin at the factory in Folkstone, England.

2) Dormobiles are cool. The sideways poptop, the candy stripe fabric, the sunroofs, the bunks in the roof and other little touches like the table and the reversing front seat make the Dormobile truly a land yacht.

Land Rover Series 2

The's own Land Rover dormobile being a "land yacht" in Brunei, S.E.Asia (1991).

Having spent too much time on the beach, this 1961 Series IIa Land Rover now rides on a galvanised chassis.

Land Rover Series 2
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Josh's turn to do the cooking! Thanks Josh.

There was a time when a 1hp 240v air conditioner cooled the interior, but sanity prevailed, and it was eventually removed!

The suppliers never did believe where it was to be fitted.

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