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February 2005 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Pieter Fourie's 1955 Land Rover Series I

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Pieter is a keen Land Rover owner and works as an electronics technician at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO).

NODDY was Pieter's 1955 Series 1 pick-up with a 2.25L petrol engine. The Land Rover started out as a long wheel base vehicle but was shortened at some stage in its life before Pieter acquired it. The conversion appears, however, to have been quite successful. Pieter found useful the additional space that the Land Rover's body overhang provided him. The vehicle was used daily and had to perform a lot of old 'Land Rover functions' for Pieter, his wife Vanessa and son Eric.

Noddy in the river Aug 2002.

The cabin was sometimes removed and a tarpaulin cover put on when the weather allowed it.

Vanessa crossing a river

A chilly morning in Sutherland

Noddy is now performing duties on the SKURWEBERG farm near Sutherland.

For a wide range of photos featuring this Land Rover and Pieter's Range Rover visit Pieter's website. You will also find details of Sutherland as a 4x4 Holiday destination.

Thanks Pieter.

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