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September 2004 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Peter Williams' 1955 86" Series I Land Rover "FRU"

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The original registration plate of this grande dame of Solihull was a 'Q' plate Q281 FRU. Hence the name "FRU". Peter bought the vehicle from a pregnant woman in Botley, Hampshire in 1988.

The Land Rover had only returned to the UK, from Algeria, a few months prior to Peter acquiring her. So if you know anything of her history prior to 1988 Peter would be interested to learn of it.

UWE 858, as the Land Rover is now registered, was originally powered by a 2 litre petrol engine but was converted to a V6 (3 litre) engine in 1991. Then in 1994 the Series I was stripped down and retired from life. She remained in a dismembered state for 5 years until August 1999, when she was loaded onto a flatbed loaned generously from Thompsons of Slough (Scimitar specialists) and transported up to Tamworth, where Stuart Granger of Mong Design was tasked with rebuilding her to glory.

Thanks Peter.


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