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July 2004 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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From Portugal to Billing in Series Land Rovers

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An idea arose between two Portuguese friends to fulfil a mutual dream, and visit the the Land rover Enthusiasts Show for vehicles over 25 years old in their Series 3 Land Rovers. The journey will be 5000 km (3100 miles) long and take only 15 days, 3 days to be spent in Billing.

Their planned trip is divided into 4 sections, passing through 5 countries, Portugal, Spain, France, England and Belgium. They have received lots of support and good wishes for the journey. They have also arranged to meet up with some people from Portugal who will fly to England and attend the show in Billing.

The journey home
18-07-2004 BILLING 19-07-2004 Brugge Distance 358 km (222 mi) in 04h48 Points of interest: Billing, Windsor, Brugge.

20-07-2004 Brugge 25-07-2004 Viseu Distance 1812 km (1126 mi) in 22h04 Points of interest:: Futuroscope

The vehicles

Two well equipped Series 3 Land Rovers in excellent health will make the journey.
Their owners really want to go, the cost is a bit high, but support has started to appear. They have contacted the event organisers several times. French, English and Portuguese magazines have agreed to publicize the journey. They are still seeking sponsorship for their vehicles.

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Series 3 Land Rover

More details on the vehicles, their owners and the journey is available on the English section of the Portuguese 4x4 website

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