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April 2004 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Andy Reeve's Helga, a 1961 Series Two SWB Land Rover

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When Andy acquired Helga the following modifications had been made:

* Land Rover Series 3 wings and headlights had been fitted.
* A rough plywood dash had been fitted.
* A Land Rover Series 3 gearbox had replaced the original.
* The original dynamo had been replaced with an alternator.
* An unleaded cylinder head had been fitted (a welcome modification).

At the time of acquiring Helga, Andy already owned Lulu, a Series III Land Rover that was seriously in need of major renovation.

It wasn't long before Andy removed Helga's Series II roof to carry some large pieces of furniture. He then re-fitted the Series III roof from Lulu as it was in much better condition.

Other modifications that Andy has carried out include:

* MG Metro seat belts have now been installed in the front.
* The entire clutch system has been replaced.
* The front propshaft has been rebuilt.
* Aluminium checker plate floors have been fitted.
* Helga has acquired Lulu's rear body and engine.

Finally, a pronounced backfire terminated the exhaust system and so a complete new system was fitted.

You may also be interested to visit Andy's homepage (no longer online) if you are into the MG Metro, Siamese cats or broadcast radio (Andy was a DJ).

Thanks Andy

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