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The Land Rover Series III

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The Series III Land Rover was introduced as a replacement to the Series IIa in October 1971. This was the year that the 750,000th Land Rover was manufactured. One year later the Series III version of the military lightweight and the Forward Control 101 became available.

Exports of Land Rovers were dealt a blow when imports of Land Rovers to the USA were banned due to failure to meet emission control requirements. It was just too expensive to make the modifications required to the existing engine.

Sam & Katie Kinch's Series 3. More details in the archives

Series 3 Land Rovers were available with a variety of engines: 2286cc petrol - 4cyl
2286cc diesel - 4cyl
2625cc petrol - 6cyl
3528cc petrol - V8cyl

The gearbox was fully synchronised for forward gears, but sadly this weakened it somewhat.

In June of 1976 the 1,000,000th Land Rover was produced. But the 4WD competition was well developed by this stage with powerful engines and stylish interiors. It was from this period that Land Rover began to lose its market share.

A Series 3 Land Rover is most easily distinguished from the other Land Rover Series members externally by the plastic radiator grille and the door hinges which lie relatively flat against the body. Internally, the plastic dashboard and the central positioning of the instruments is a characteristic Series 3 feature.

Land Rover Series 3 parts are still widely available worldwide and easy to fit. The vehicle was built to last, and to be repaired by almost anybody, almost anywhere, using only the most basic tools. It was for these reasons that Fred Kamphues chose a Series 3 to drive from Sydney to the west coast of Australia via the Simpson desert. (see the archives).

Many Land Rover enthusiasts believe that the Series 3 outshines the Defenders in terms of ruggedness, durability, character, and simplicity of service.

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