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September 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Nathan Chantrell's Life with a Series 3 Land Rover

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Nathan's diary records that life commenced (with the Series 3, anyway) on 10th April 2003. By 18th April, second gear could be found reliably, but the tow ball mounting had bent a socket bar. A couple of days later, decisions were being made on which wheels to fit and what type of steering wheel to have.

Series 3 Land Rover
The Land Rover as Nathan acquired it.

25th April sees new wheels and steering wheel ordered and by 1st May they have already been fitted. Nathan remembers that the first week of May was when he discovered that the fuel gauge means EMPTY when it says so!

Towards the end of May, detailed exploration of previously unvisited areas of the Land Rover revealed the starting handle and a receipt for a calf.

Series III Land Rover
The Land Rover at one month. Spot what's

Internally, there is now a stereo and, on the rear bulkhead behind the seats, a pair of blaupunkt speakers.

Nathan notes on his website ( no longer online )that it was the giant meccano nature of the marque which attracted him to it - designed to be stripped in the field with nothing more than a crescent wrench and a screwdriver.

Links here are to Nathan's Land Rover section of his website. If you are into computers, and what can be controlled by them at home, then Nathan's site is a MUST SEE. Lots of other stuff also from this skilled webmaster to hold your interest .

Thanks Nathan.

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