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August 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Ian Neal's Land Rover 101 Forward Control

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Ian's Land Rover 101 Forward Control started out life on 30th September 1977 and entered military service in July 1982 with an 8 cylinder petrol engine and an Ambulance body. After 17 years with the military, it was released and Ian bought it in August 2000.

101 Land Rover

As soon as Ian took delivery of the Land Rover 101 he started the long process of removing the interior ambulance fittings and converting the vehicle to a camper.

Interior 101 Ambulance
Before - Ambulance

Interior 101 camper
Now - Camper

The vehicle has a cooker and sink unit with drawer storage facilities.

There are lots of high quality photos of the Land Rover conversion on Ian's website along with a detailed diary of the order in which things were done. Ian has also included wiring diagrams for the interior lighting modifications.

As with any vehicle from the Series Land Rover era there are periodic troubles of one kind or another. Ian has documented these and provided useful information relating to their resolution.

Ian is also starting to build a Land Rover 101 resources section to his website. And, from there you can access the remainder of the Neal family's website (Lois' Land Rover Series 3 was featured on in January 2003).

Thanks Ian and good luck with your project.


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