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June 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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"Cartman"; Paul Maidment's Land Rover Series 3

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This month we are featuring the trials and tribulations of Cartman - a Series 3 Land Rover. Amongst other things, Paul's website ( no longer online )presents an historical/hysterical record of the the past breakages/new breakages and soon to be breakages....and other bits that have happened to Cartman (and fallen off) since he was first adopted.

Series 3 Land Rover

Cartman is a 1978 short wheelbase (88") in Safari spec with a 2 1/4 litre petrol engine. It's also fitted with a host of 'standard' Safari spec. parts (free wheeling hubs, overdrive, Safari roof, rear sliding windows, front carpets, adjustable tow hitch, rear step, deluxe bonnet, rear wheel mount and LWB 11" twin piston front brakes etc).

You can't read Paul's diary of happenings to his Series III Land Rover without thinking - this guy and I have something in common! The list of 48 replacements/additions since 1999 is true testimony to a Series Land Rover enthusiast.

In addition to yearly diaries of Cartman's major and minor surgery Paul's website provided details of various projects he has carried out, such as heater renovation; replacement of standard shackles with 1 tonne versions and fabrication of rear light guards.

Series III Land Rover

Cartman can be seen regularly getting muddy and rolling around the roads and green-lanes around Winchester and Hampshire, UK.

Thanks Paul.

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