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April 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Hue, Simon's 1975 Land Rover Series III SWB Diesel.

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Simon moved from London to South Wales last year and has recently acquired this Land Rover Series 3 as a project vehicle. His main interest is cars but you wouldn't catch him dead in Mondeo!

Transporting Series 3
This is the project Land Rover arriving home (towed by Simon's Citroen XM).

The first main job was to get Hue running. Simon put in a new battery, sprayed some easystart into air intake and.... he fired up! Not bad for 2 years sitting outside! There was no clutch operation so he had to remove floor panels to get access to the slave cylinder for bleeding. Then found the clutch was seized but freed it by holding the peddle down and engaging the starter whilst in gear.

Series 3 interior
The Land Rover is actually a truck cab but came with a hard top extra. So the first job was to remove the roof to allow the hard top to be fitted.

Series III

So now it's weatherproof and has a safari door. The truck cab and tailgate were sold to boost the budget.

You can follow Hue's progress on Simon's website: Apparently the next job rates an " ARRRRGH"

Thanks Simon.

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