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January 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Lois's Land Rover Series 3, SWB, Diesel

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The story goes that Lois got fed up with ordinary cars, and so got herself an old Series Land Rover - 1977 to be precise.

Series 3

She uses it to get to work and is now used to handling the 4 gear levers and the 20 gears. Gone is the old problem of being cut up on roundabouts!

She loves sitting up high and watching the other vehicles overtake her. She can do the gears, and switch to low box, and she states that she can manage without brakes, but only to take it up to the garage!

A member of the Series 3 Owners Club, she hasn't missed Billing for the last 5 years, and the LRO show for the last 2 as well, with husband Ian and daughter Hannah.

Series 3

Series 3

As we all know, Land Rover Series vehicles have the occasional need for spare parts! Having driven her Series 3 for several years now Lois can diagnose most of the frequent faults and problems from the exhaust blowing and a spent clutch to worn wheel bearings. Recently she learnt to recognise a transfer box problem too!

Lois's Land Rover Series 3 now has an additional fuel tank (ex-military) so range is much improved.

Lois and her family live in County Durham. A visit to the family website shows some local scenic views and gives details of their extended family - a Discovery Tdi and a 101 Forward Control.

Good luck with the "Six-Points" tour in 2003.

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