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December 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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GRUMble: Martyn Bailey's 101 Land Rover Forward Control

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As Martyn explains on his website The "Forward Control" means the driver is seated at the very front of the vehicle - unlike the Land Rover Series I,II & III's.
Sat on top of the noisy V8 engine actually prompted the name GRUMble.

101 Forward Control

GRUMble was originally an Ambulance bodied 101 and when Martyn acquired it in June 2000 it had only done 10,000km.
All models are permanent 4 wheel drive, with selectable diff-lock and hi-low selectable gearing. Top speed generally tends to be around 60MPH, although now modified, GRUMble will happily just make 80MPH - eventually!

101 Forward Control

101 Forward Control

Amongst the numerous modifications made recently are: removed the bulkhead; re-routed the wiring; fitted a 110litre LPG tank; solar panels on the roof; a 'caravan' type 16A 220VAC inlet was installed; a 4 speaker 'in car' HiFi was installed with a 60gigabyte MP3 library; interior wood panels (yacht varnished plywood); gas cooker and fridge; power steering; 180L stainless steel expedition petrol tank; security safe installed along with two independent alarms, PIR, an immobiliser and Trakker.

The list is longer on Martyn's website and he says he hasn't finished yet!


Visit Martyn's website to learn a lot more about 101's. He is Membership Secretary and Registrar of the 101 Forward Control Club and Register Ltd (The 101 Club).


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