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October 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Laa Laa; Rafe Aldridge's 1971 SIII Land Rover Lightweight (2.25 Petrol)

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Rafe bought his Land Rover in March 2001 and has since fitted new doors, windscreen, hood, exhaust, unleaded head, clutch cylinders, master brake cylinder, fuel senders, fuel/temp gauges and grille

The yellow lightweight Land Rover

Rafe wanted a Land Rover which fitted his requirements rather than replicating a military Land Rover specification. So his other modifications were:

parabolics: gas shocks; kenlowe fan; spotlights; halogen headlamps; cubby box; stereo; CB; fire extinguisher & safety hammer; high-lift jack; Range Rover seats; steering guard; diff guard; PivLock spare wheel carrier ; new wheels and tyres; under-bonnet sound-proofing; re-paint.

and finally, a ply-lined back (with floor across bench seats giving secure storage underneath),

After completing all the modifications Rafe took Laa Laa to Morocco in September 2001 with a friend, Tristan.

Visit Rafe's website to learn more about the history of this Land Rover, the Morocco trip and discover who was left behind to look after the cat! You'll also discover why the vehicle is called LaaLaa.

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