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September 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Giles Warham's 1976 Land Rover 101FC

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It's actually an Ex-RAF Rapier (missile) Tractor and was used by 16 SQD RAF as the Launch Control Vehicle.
A stainless steel fuel tank and new door tops are recent additions to an otherwise near original vehicle. Giles obtained these via the 101FC Club - he is also a member of the Series One Club and the National Traction Engine Trust.
. You may have seen this vehicle at the Great Dorset Steam Fair recently.

Giles notes that the 101FC is actually shorter than a standard 109" (LWB) Land Rover! It also has an excellent (tight) turning circle (approx.. 25ft) - A 109 Land Rover needs almost twice the space to turn!

A V8 engine delivering a top speed of approx 90mph; 'Full Time' 4 wheel drive and a lockable centre differential - a 101FC makes a formidable addition to the Land Rover marque.

Giles points out that FC101 production was just under 2700 between 1975-1978 and that it was only produced for military users.

His advice? "if you think you would like one - get one!"

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