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August 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Jessica the ex-Royal Air Force 1980 Series III Land-Rover

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Land Rover

Mathew Chatfield, Jessica's former owner, says she was bright yellow to prevent aeroplanes from landing on her. It obviously worked because none ever did.

On Matt's website he also describes the unusual window panel in the roof. This, apparently, is just in case the warning colouration fails and an aeroplane insists on landing on you. You can spot it and drive out of the way.

Land Rover
The interior of Jessica.

"Sitting on the bench seat is not recommended unless you are very good friends with the driver!"

Why "Jessica"? because, like Jessica Rabbit, she had a habit of vibrating vigorously.

Jessica alas, was sold a few years ago and whilst Matt details some modifications that were subsequently made to her by her new owner, we don't actually know where she is at the moment. Do You?

Matt and Babs also maintain their excellent naturenet website. It has lots of useful info on rights of way and other topics of interest to offroaders. Why not pay it a visit.

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