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July 2002 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Xanadu: a Series III, 2.25 diesel, Long Wheel Base, Hardtop, Land Rover

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Land Rover Series 3

Andrew bought her in February 1999 from the "Land Aid" charity. They had used her to deliver aid to orphanages in Poland & Russia. He chose the name because the beginning of her registration number is XDU.

Land Rover Series 3

Since acquiring her Andrew has has either added, changed, modified or repaired:
brake pipes; shocks; fuel tank; radiator ; clutch ; rear light ; speedo cable ; water pump ; door tops ; ball joints; galvanised chassis; wheels; overdrive ; bull bars ; gear stick ; radio speakers; interior; courtesy light; clutch slave cylinder ; universal joint ; brake cylinder; roof rack; alternator; wheel swivels; towball; engine ; fuse box; spotlights; tyres; gear box.

"So, not much left to do!"

There are more details on Andrew's website and you can even buy a Xanadu T-shirt.

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