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November 2001 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Series III Club, Northumbria Group, driving day Sunday 11th October 1998

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Hetty is a 1973 Series III Land Rover. She lived in Weardale in County Durham, England, with her owner David Raymond and his family from September 1997 to February1999.

We had a great day, driving three local lanes, enjoying the wonderful Northumberland scenery, and using our vehicles for the purpose for which they were built. The first lane was an easy track, wending its' way down towards the Tyne valley past local farms and through herds of inquisitive cows (Why is it they always choose to lie down right in the middle of the track?). Gavin led the way in his 1982 Series III with his brother John as passenger. This turned out to be a big mistake on John's part as he had to open and close all the gates! One section led downhill and then up through a particularly attractive wood, so Chris jumped out and went to video the vehicles as they came through. As they passed, David's dog Bracken got very confused. Gavin and David's SWB's are almost identical, and the poor dog couldn't work out which rear door to jump into. We'll have to train her to read licence plates.

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