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Series Land Rovers:
How they came into Australia.

Ron Beckett records how Series Land Rovers came out of the factory in Australia; a bright yellow SWB with wide Sunraysia white spoke wheels and a bull bar. Anyone still have one like this?

Or do you have one of THESE?

Similar to the British SAS "Pink Panthers"

Ron notes that the most obvious difference is the spare wheel placement and the lack of the splayed smoke grenade launch tubes.

Apparently the chassis was lengthened at the front to carry jerry cans of water in addition to the visible water jerry cans beside the soldiers. In total, they carried 160 litres of water because they would be operating in the dry northern Australia. The total fuel capacity was 360 litres in fuel tanks, not jerry cans.

Armament was the crew's usual automatic weapons plus a M60 7.62mm machine gun on mounts over the bonnet or .30 calibre machine guns in the rear.