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Land Rover Series 1
Series 1 Land Rover

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29th May 2002


"Mustang Sally" 1968 Land Rover Series IIA 109

Land Rover Series 2

Peter Howard built this project over a two year period. There are detailed technical descriptions of some of the modifications he made to Mustang Sally on his website.

Land Rover Series 2

Peter was not impressed with the vinyl covered slabs of Dunlopillo usually seen in a Series Land Rover. They are fine if you want the full flavour of vintage Rovering but he wanted more support and comfort.

After searching around, he found these Australian made seats and details of how he fitted them are on his website.

Peter also gives detailed descriptions on the renovation of Mustang Sally's steering wheel and the fitting of a replacement, adaptable, non Land Rover fusebox to the passenger glove compartment.

Land Rover Series 2
The only bulkhead available for 6 cylinder Mustang Sally was from a 4 cylinder Series Land Rover.
To accommodate the 6 cylinder engine the bulkhead and console had to be modified. Technical details, with drawings, of how he did this, are given.