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Land Rover Series 1
Series 1 Land Rover

Last updated
25th April 2002

1955 Series 1 Land Rover.

Rodney Walker decided to restore this vehicle after becoming fascinated by them whilst talking to previous Jeep owners who had bought new Series 1 Land Rovers when their old WW2 jeeps wore out on the farm.

Land Rover Series 1
Rodney purchased this vehicle in September 1994 from a lady in Imbil (near Gympie) in Qld.

The vehicle was a total write-off when he purchased it, but slowly over two years he restored it to it's former glory.

Other aspects of the restoration featured photographically are:Capstan Winch, PTO and Engine Governor, Smith's Heater Unit and Lucas Electrical Accessories.


This is the original Smith's heater unit. Rodney notes that these units are very difficult to find intact.

The cores within them tend to rot out and replacement ones are unavailable. These heater units were offered right up until the late Series 2 Land Rovers. The original early style for the 86" Land Rover has a pivot in the centre so that the doors can be spun around to aim the heat up or down, on later versions the doors were fixed.

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