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Land Rover Series 1
Series 1 Land Rover

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29th Mar 2002

Wenty: 1969 Series 2A Land Rover (LWB)

David, from Sydney, got into Land Rovers when he was looking at what car he was going to buy one day. He looked at his options and saw the advantages in the Land Rover over the others.

So 'Wenty', in need of some work, became David's first project vehicle.

Land Rover Series 2 engine
The engine was supplied from another vehicle

He decided to use some spare panels from various other Land Rovers to get Wenty running. Notably a 1969 SIIA LWB Land Rover and a 1961 SII SWB Land Rover

Land Rover Series 2
This is David's 'Wenty' after much work was done on it, but before it was re-painted.

Land Rover Series 2
Wenty in action.

David's next project is to transform the remains of a 1963 SIIA LWB. The parts will be used to make a heavily modified Land Rover. His plans for this "Mega Rover" are to put a 4.2L Nissan diesel motor with a 5-speed nissan gearbox

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