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June 27th 2004
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Nigel Gamblin's Land Rover Series III, Stage 1, V8 LWB Ute

Nigel is a member of the Land Rover Club of Victoria (Australia). His Series Land Rover may look relatively standard in many ways, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Vehicle Specifications
4.6 Litre Rover V8
4 Speed constant 4WD
Front and Rear ARB Airlockers
24 Spline front axles
36 inch Q78 Super swampers with "Tireloc" Kevlar Beadlocks
Warn M8274 High mount winch
Safari Snorkel
Internal roll bar
Power Steering
Custom transfer box with High/Low Crawler ratios. Minimum 127:1
On board electric and engine driven air compressors with pressure tank

Nigel's never been one to "hang back" and he's usually prepared to give any track a go, but always slowly and carefully , crawling and edging his way to the extreme limit of the vehicle's capabilities.

He knows that it can be impossible to stop once you have started down (no matter how slow you are travelling) as the tyres refuse to grip on the wet, slippery clay soil and you simple slide down the track courtesy of gravity.

Nigel is an experienced offroader, as the photos suggest, and is not afraid to tackle most types of terrain. His approach is gentle and calculated, and rarely are cubic inches or brute power Nigel's answer to difficult sections. Instead, he gently caresses the Land Rover up tracks that many would fear to try.

Thanks to Nigel for the information.

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