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Personal Land Rovers

Vehicle Description Homepage Date
SI 1949 80" rebuild project in Queensland. Daryl Parcell
Jan 2002
1969 SIIA LWB project by David Sherlock, Sydney
Mar 2002
1955 SI restoration by Rodney Walker, Brisbane
Apr 2002
Peter Howard's 'Mustang Sally' - 1968 SIIA 109
May 2002
A Traveller's observations on Series Land Rovers seen in Australia
July 2002
Shah & Walis's 1980 Series 3, 88 inch Station Wagon. LRO Club Malaysia
Nov 2002
Rob Frieling's 1955 86" Series 1 Land Rover Restoration
Mar 2003
Charles Gallagher's 1968 Land Rover Series 2a with PTO
April 2003
Richard Lane's 1968 LWB ex-Military Land Rover Series 2a
May 2003
Dave Blear's 1975 Series III 6cyl 109" LWB Hardtop
June 2003
1956 SI 86" restoration by Ronny Jacobson, Norway
Sept 2003
Rob Fri's 1955 86 inch Series One Land Rover Restoration
Apr 2004
Michael Mulrennan's 1973 Series 3 SWB
May 2004
Nigel Gamblin's Land Rover Series III, Stage 1, V8 LWB Ute
June 2004
Wouter de Waal's 1959 Land Rover Series II Station Wagon: Spikkels
July 2004
Rob David's Land Rover SWB Series IIA
Aug 2004
Neville Tapp's 1984 109 V8 Series Land Rover (NZ)
Oct 2004
Brian Price's Land Rover Series 3 88"
July 2005
Wayne Ellard's Land Rover Series I 1958 LWB Fire Engine
Sept 2005
Grover: Larry's 1963 Series IIA 88in Stationwagon
Nov 2009
Peter Hope's 1970 Series IIA 88" Land Rover
Dec 2009/Jan 2010
James Ferguson's 1956 Series I Land Rover:
Feb 2010
Richard Edwins' Series III Land Rover
June 2010

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Misc Land Rovers

Vehicle Description Homepage Date
LRO Club - Sydney Branch. Habitat project. Robert Kelly
Feb 2002
An early Series I found in WA
Feb 2004
A Brief History of the Series I Land Rover
May 2007
Series Land Rover County Station Wagons
Nov 2011
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Feb 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Mar 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
Apr 2018
Some Series Land Rovers Previously Featured on
May 2018

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General interest

Topic Description Homepage Date
Ron Beckett tells how Series Land Rovers came into Australia
June 2002
John Liu's touristic observations on Australian Land Rovers
July 2002
Land Rover Heritage Society
Dec 2002
Fred Kamphues: across Australia in a Series 3
Feb 2003
Sources of Land Rover Series books
July 2003
4WD Australian adventures
Aug 2003
The Series 3 Land Rover Stage I V8
Nov 2007
Series Land Rover - Car Heritage
Dec 2007
Celebrating Sixty Years of the Series Land Rover
Feb 2008
Series Land Rover Instrument Panels
Mar 2008
Radial Tyres and the Series Land Rover
June 2008
Build Your Own Ride-on Model Series Land Rover
Mar 2009
Tyre Changing on a Series Land Rover
Apr 2009
General Overall Dimensions for a Series Land Rover
Oct 2009
Series I Land Rover Restoration
Aug 2010
Rebuilding a 1959 Series II Land Rover
Sept 2010
Series Land Rover Prepared for Wading
Apr 2011
50 Years of the Series IIA Land Rover
May 2011
Series III Land Rover 40th Birthday
June 2011
Series Land Rover Fault Diagnosis Book 
Land Rover Series III Buyer's Guide
June 2012
Series Land Rover Theft Prevention
Aug 2012
The Case for Hoarding Parts
Mar 2014

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Tech Topics

Topic Description Homepage Date
Cooling System - Fault Diagnosis
Nov 2006
Fuel System, Petrol - Fault Diagnosis
Dec 2006
Gearbox - Fault Diagnosis
Feb 2007
Braking System - Fault Diagnosis
Mar 2007
The Series I Land Rover 1.6 litre Engine
June 2007
The Series I Land Rover 2 litre Engine ("spread-bore")
July 2007
The Series Land Rover 2.25 litre Diesel Engine (3 bearing)
Aug 2007
The Series III Land Rover 2.25 litre Diesel Engine (5 bearing)
Sept 2007
Land Rover Series III 3.5 Litre V8 Petrol Engine
Oct 2007
Transmission Controls
Mar 2008
Apr 2008
Shock Absorbers
May 2008
Engine Repairs (Engine in situ)
July 2008
Dismantling an Engine
Aug 2008
Removing and Servicing a Radiator
Sept 2008
Removing and Checking a Thermostat
Oct/Nov 2008
Air Cleaners
Dec 2008
Fuel Tank
Jan 2009
Exhaust System
Feb 2009
Wheel Rims
May 2009
Torque Settings: Series II & III Land Rover Engines
June 2009
Clutch Adjustment
July 2009
Torque Settings: Series I & II Land Rover Engines
Aug 2009
Exhaust Systems
Sept 2009
Spark Plugs
Mar 2010
Apr 2010
Brake Pipes
May 2010
Contact Points and Condenser
July 2010
Soft-top Hood Problems
Oct 2010
Problem: Engine 'Runs On'
Nov 2010
Ignition ON problem
Points Need Changing Often
Feb 2011
Exhaust System Problems
Mar 2011
Cooling System Checks - Part 1
July 2011
Wheel Nuts
Aug 2011
Fuel Leaks: Tanks & Pipes
Sept 2011
Chassis Problems
Oct 2011
2286cc By-pass Hose Replacement
Feb 2012
Replacement Headlamp Looms
Mar 2012
Rear Window Wiper
Apr 2012
Rear Window Washer
May 2012
Accelerator Linkage
July 2012
Zenith Carburettor Problems
Sept 2012
Problem Starting a Cold Engine - Part 2
Oct 2012
Engine won't start when hot
Nov 2012
Engine Backfires
Dec 2012
Transfer Box Problems
Jan 2013
4WD Problems
Feb 2013
Petrol Engine - Fuel Related Starting Problems
Mar 2013
Diesel Engine Idling Problem
Apr 2013
Leaking Exhaust Problems
May 2013
Contact Point Problems
June 213
Setting Ignition Timing
July 2013
Overheatig Problems - Part 1
Aug 2013
Losing Engine Coolant
Sept 2013
Vehicle Pulls to One Side
Oct 2013
Rumbling Sound Below Vehicle Nov 2013
Axle oil leaks Dec2013/Jan2014
Spark plugs Feb 2014
Zenith 36IV Carburettor Problems - Part II Apr 2014
Starter Motor Problems - Maintenance & Repair May 2014
Turning Circle Problems June 2014
Propshafts Explained July 2014
Brake Problems - Part 1 Aug 2014
Brake Problems - Part 2 Sept 2014
Brake Problems - Part 3 Oct 2014
Brake Problems - Part 4 Nov 2014
Brake Problems - Part 5 Dec/Jan 2014/15
Wheels Feb 2015
Wheel-Related Problems Mar 2015
Gearbox Overhaul Apr 2015
Fault diagnosis May 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Wheels) June 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Cooling System) July 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Idling Problem) Aug 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Start Problem) Sept 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Vacuum Problem) Oct 2015
Fault Diagnosis Exercise(Engine Vacuum Problem - Part 2) Nov 2015
Tyre Problem Diagnosis (Part 1) Dec/Jan 2015/16
Tyre Problem Diagnosis (Part 2) Feb 2016
Jumping Out of Low or High Transfer Mar 2016
Adding a Diagnostic Manual Starter Switch April 2016
Re-visiting an Axle Problem (June 2015) May 2016
Fitting Additional Bonnet Prop June 2016
Common Rich Petrol/Air Mixture Problem - Part I July 2016
Common Rich Petrol/Air Mixture Problem - Part II Aug 2016
Summary of Brake System Articles on Sept 2016
Summary of Gearbox Articles on Oct 2016
Summary of Clutch Articles on Nov 2016
Summary of Ignition System Articles on Dec/Jan 2016/17
Fault Diagnosis eBook - download details Feb 2017
Summary of Steering Articles on Mar 2017
Fitting an Engine Pre-heater April 2017
Summary of Wheels Articles on May 2017
Summary of Diesel Engine Articles on June 2017
Summary of Cooling System Articles on July 2017
Summary of Cylinder Head Articles on Aug 2017
Summary of Engine Articles on Sept 2017
Summary of Fuel System Articles on Oct 2017
Summary of Bodywork and Suspension articles on Nov/Dec 2017
Summary of Fault Diagnosis Exercises on Jan 2018
Diagnosis Exercise: Series Land Rover Lacking Power June 2018

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