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The Land Rover Series I

The Series I Land Rover made its first public appearance at the Amsterdam motor show in April 1948. Owners of surviving models no doubt wish the galvanised chassis had not been dropped at the production stage - but then launch price would not have been £450 (approx AU$1,000).

1956 SI 86" restoration by Ronny Jacobson, Norway. See archives

Initially, only pickups were available and, due to the steel crisis, the only steel used was put into the bulkhead and reinforcing cappings for the rear body and doors.

October 1948 saw the arrival of the Series I station wagon but most were destined for export and production stopped 3 years later. It appeared again as the 107 model with safari door in 1954.

The Land Rover Series I entered military service in 1949 and saw active service in Korea 2 years later.

The engine capacity was increased from 1,595cc to 1,997cc in 1951.

The 88in and 109in wheelbases made their appearance in 1956.

In mid-1957 diesel engine models became available.

Production of the Land Rover Series I ended in 1958 with a final total of over 211,000 being manufactured and about 70% of these were exported. [so there has to be a few spare parts out there somewhere!].

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