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Across Australia in a 1979 Land Rover Series 3

Series 3 Land Rover

Having sorted out a route, Fred Kamphues opted for a Series 3 Land Rover as the vehicle of choice. He reasoned that, with its more robust mechanics and less sophisticated electrics, he was less likely to run into difficulties than with a modern computerised city 4WD. Similarly, a petrol engine would be easier to troubleshoot than a diesel.

Land Rover Series 3

His rationale was vindicated.The story is told in several recent editions of Land Rover enthusiast magazine. His website and the articles provide a wealth of information on equipment needed for such an expedition, give advice on safety aspects to be considered and where to get the permits required.

There are lots of excellent photos of the route from Sydney, via the Birdsville track and Simpson Desert, to Alice Springs and then on via the Gunbarrel Highway to the west coast.

Fred Kamphues is a professional photographer (Mill House Photography) and available for international assignments.