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Speciality Tools

Speciality tools

Colortune Spark Plug to assist in the determining proper fuel mixture -14mm

* Now you can adjust the idle mixture and determine the overall condition of your carb during actual use
* Simply screw the Colortune Engine Analyzer into one of the spark plug holes and you can see the color of the flame produced during combustion.

Gastester -Exhaust Gas Analyzer Portable 12V powered

Exhaust tester

The Gastester is an affordable CO reader making it ideal for checking engine emissions before inspection. Used for gas or diesel multi-cylinder engines it can also be used on motorcycles and other single cylinder engines.

  Center tip on forcing screw swivels to help remove and prevent damage to the tie rod stud.
Alsio for use on imports and front wheel drive vehicles including SUV's with rack and pinion steering.
Performance Tool W83025 Tie Rod Puller

    Splits nut from 5/16-Inch to 7/8-Inch across flats with no damage to bolt threads
Forged steel frame
Hardened cutter
4 x 1 3/8-Inch
Weighs .8 pounds
Craftsman 1049222 Universal Nut Cracker

  For a wide range of tap and die sets in SAE and /or metric visit Tap and die sets

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Engine/Gearbox tools

    TEKTON 5696 Gear Puller Set, 3-Piece 

Three-jaw design evenly distributes pulling forces to slide gears, pulleys, and flywheels off shaft without damage
Universal 4- or 8-position reversible jaws offer inside or outside grip and short, standard, long or extra long reach
High-strength forged and hardened steel jaw arms
Cold rolled, acme-threaded steel drive screw for smooth operation even under high stress
Set Includes: (1) 3 in. 3-Jaw Gear Puller, (1) 4 in. 3-Jaw Gear Puller, (1) 6 in. 3-Jaw Gear Puller

    Compressor services overhead valve engines.
A handle on the outside of the tool makes it easy to use.
It has a throat depth of 7-1/2" and jaw openings 2-3/4" to 5-7/8".
Compressor fits most passenger cars and light trucks and will also work on small L-head engines with manifolds removed.
Offset jaws are included.

OTC 4572 Large Valve Spring Compressor

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